5 Short and Simple Sales Tips for Closing more loans.

1. Relax

Try to relax when you are speaking with a borrower about a loan.  It take only a fraction of a moment to sense how someone is feeling when you meet them in person or speak with them over the phone.  If you are stressed they will sense it. 

2.  Believe in yourself

This ain't your first rodeo.  Chances are that you have originating loansfor a while and know what you are doing.  So believe in yourself! 

3.  Do your mortgage homework

There are so many loan programs,  underwriting guidelines, and mortgage regulations that are constantly changing.   So take the time to know your stuff.  Knowledge is power.

4. Have a loan origination sales goal

Your sales cycle is a series of steps to a final outcome.  Keep those clear in your mind and see how many steps you can move your client through when you meet with them. 

5.  Assume the sale

We've all been there.  You are taking the loan application, pricing the loan, preparing disclosures, and you aren't sure how happy your borrower is.  You could hesitate, slow down or even stop at some point.  Don't do that! Assume that they are good, and keep moving them forward.   Nothing is sweeter than launching your client through your sales cycle only to have them happily land head first in to the middle of your sale's bull's eye.  If the borrower is hesitant or has a question they will tell you.  Of course you should always address every and any issue they have, but if they don't hesitate, or slow down or ask, assume the sale!