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Rushmore Home Loans’ philosophy is that every loan, lock and submission always matters. We have a seasoned staff of mortgage professionals to make sure you have the absolute best experience possible. We know you have a choice when selecting a wholesale lender and we thank you for considering and choosing us. Let us know how we can help you today by contacting me directly.


620 FICO on FHA Non-Streamline

125%LTV/CLTV With 680 FICO Credit Score

100%LTV/CLTV With 620 FICO Credit Score

FHA Streamline – Borrower Can Close Any Time in the Month, We Pay Their Per Diem Interest!

Any HUD Approved DAP on FHA Purchase with 660 FICO

100% Gift of Downpayment Allowed

VA IRRRL Loan Amounts May Exceed County Limit

VA IRRRL to 125% LTV with BPO with 680 FICO


660 FICO on Unlimited LTV/CLTV

620 FICO < 150% LTV

Cap our LLP’s on HARP to .75 30 Year and .00 15/20 Year > 80% LTV O/O

Condos Allowed

2nd Home & Investment

No Sourcing or Seasoning of Assets to Close, Verification Required


.25 Incentive on all Purchase Transactions*

Escrow Fee Waiver on all Programs*

No UW Fee*

Rushmore Highlights

NOO Up To 10 Financed Properties With Cash-Out Under Delayed Financing

Appraisal Transfers Allowed

Max DTI Per DU

Lender Credit Allowed Up To 5%

Cash Out on 80% LTV with 620 FICO – No Max DTI

Order Appraisal with NOI

No Escrow Waiver Fee On All Programs

No Seller Seasoning On Flips

100% Gift OK On All Programs


One Day Off the Market MLS

*Special may be discontinued at any time.